Thuringian world market & technology leaders 94 Thuringian hidden champions

Thuringia is proud of its companies. Their success reflects the economic attractiveness of the Free State. "Hidden Champions - Thuringian world market & technology leaders" presents a selection of high-performance companies: Market and technology leaders that impress with their products and services in Germany, Europe or worldwide.

The project is a joint initiative of the Thuringian Ministry of Economics and the Thuringian State Development Corporation. Comprehensive research has identified nearly 90 companies in Thuringia. Among them are world-renowned companies such as Carl Zeiss and Jenoptik, but also hidden champions like Häcker Automation or Askion.

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  • Key location for key industry

    The automotive industry has a perfect location in Thuringia: All German OEM sites can be reached by truck within 5 hours, 5 highways and 3 airports (Erfurt, Leipzig, Frankfurt) connect Thuringia with the world.

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  • Innovations for life

    Ophthalmology and sepsis/IvD, eye laser technologies or the microscope: Things were developed and researched in Thuringia that are now indispensable in medicine.

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  • The origin of many technologies

    High-power lasers, lithography systems, optical crystals and lenses, projection technologies - groundbreaking developments from Thuringia are conquering the world and outer space.

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  • Metrology that measures everything

    Metrology/sensor technology as a prerequisite for automation technology looks forward to a promising future in Thuringia - whether optical, tactile or electronic.

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  • Machines that can do it all

    Machine, plant and tool engineering is one of the industries with the highest turnover in Thuringia - and develops the most precise and efficient machines at the highest level.

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  • Good plastics are an art

    With more than 100 years of experience and just as long technical know-how, the companies in this sector are among the strongest in Thuringia in terms of sales.

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  • Together for success

    Many other industries can be found in Thuringia: Consumer goods, household appliances, ICT, food and beverages, packaging, industrial services, wood products and media logistics - they all help to ensure that Thuringia is ready for the future.

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92 Companies evaluated as Thuringia's world market and technology leaders
14000 14,000 staff are employed by the Thuringian world market and technology leaders
8000 million euros in sales are generated by Thuringia's world market and technology leaders


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